Port Emyniad presents Steve Who Live! Dec. 3 at 1p


Join us as we enjoy Steve's percolating saxophone tunes this Sunday, December 3rd, at 1pm SLT.

Steve has been a professional musician for 30 plus years and has an extensive repertoire and many years of experience in all playing situations, including radio, TV, big bands, solo, dinner dances, weddings, fundraising events, parties, book clubs, outdoor events, funerals, and much more. He is the co-founder of the rock band Triumph as the guitarist---and quickly got signed to a record company and many tours/albums/tv appearances, etc) Steve is also a composer and has done several commissions, the last one for a Latvian poetry show. Some audio-visual artwork here; https://www.facebook.com/Steves-soundscapes-102246444922247

Steve's soundscapes thirteen here; https://youtu.be/VgLinHWGDOY