🎅🎄 Pajamas Christmas Party 🎄🎅


Dear Friends,
we want to say „thank you“ for your support and friendship in the last year
and invite you to our special

 ðŸŽ„ Pajamas Christmas Party 🎄

 with LiTo-DJ Team and hope you will join us on this special Evening!

Date: Saturday, Dec. 23th 2023
Time: 12:00 p.m. SLT / 21:00 CET
Location of TTLF and Art-Gallery: Taxi to Event

Come in Pajamas or what ever made you feeling comfy. Lizzy & Tom will play (not classical) Christmas-Songs and other (dancable) Tunes.
Lets have a comfy Night before Christmas.

Lizzy  ♥ Tom 
In the name of TTLF, HeArt & Soul Gallery, LiThO Café, little Whiskeria

Holiday Greetings! ♥

Dear friends of Corsica South Coasters,

All of us at CSC thank you for your support in 2023
and joining our events!

Its a pleasure for each of us to have such a
great community around and
we are looking forward to have another great year
with you at the Corsica South Coast!

May you have a great holiday time and
a lot of joyful Moments.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! ♥

Owl, Uli, CK, Lizzy, Bijoux, Cranston, Catori



live & unplugged

Friday, December 15th, 11am SLT

It's time again to join us at the =little Whiskeria=
for having a good and comfy time with Aminius Writer 🥰

It's the last Couch-Concert before the christmas holidays,
so i bet this will very special and extremely cozy


take your ride here: =little Whiskeria=

♥ CSC Christmas Feeling - LIVE Event ♥


Dear Community,

We would like to invite you to a special evening to mark this special time of year.

An evening that will ensure that we slowly get in the mood for Christmas. But also an evening where we can perhaps see each other for the last time before the stressful days begin.

In addition to the normal music, there will also be a highlight:
Janice Mills will be singing live for us. Starting at 11am SLT ♥
Party with nice tunes afterwards

We look forward to seeing you there! Taxi to NovaOwl

Exhibition Opening of "Ecclectic Art" by AmandaT Tamatzui at HeArt & Soul Gallery


HeArt & Soul Gallery cordially invites you to the opening event of
AmandaT Tamatzui's Exhibition

"AmandaT's Ecclectic Art and Introduction to her Tambalya series"

Line Up:
12pm SLT (21:00 CET) - Live musical Artist DD Kiyori
Afterparty with LiTo DJ-Team

AmandaT Tamatzui, also known as Amanda Tomasoa, showcases her diverse art in a new exhibition. The collection features paintings from various periods, alongside her recent digital creations. Using a drawing tablet and her own digital images, AmandaT crafts unique pieces.

In July 2023, AmandaT received a full region from SL Endowment for the Arts (SLEA) and created Planet Tambalya with friends. This led to the birth of Tambalyans, cute alien creatures she loves so much that she's writing a book about them and selling real-life merch. If you're interested, feel free to get in touch or head to the web site: https://society6.com/allytomahawk/designs

DD Kiyori is an exceptional musical artist, making landscapes in sounds,
providing a colorful and atmospheric ambient.

Don't miss and celebrate this special event with us! ♥
The Limo waits for you: Taxi to HeArt & Soul Gallery 

BSUKMET * Live Wednesday, December 6 at 11 am @ CTC Tea Garden!

 Corsica South Coasters are happy to Have 
Wednesday, December 6 at 11 am

Bsukmet's musical compositions are nothing short of thrilling; you don't want to miss the chance to experience his mesmerizing melodies. 
As a composer, piano player, band musician, and music teacher, 
Bsukmet crafts each piece meticulously, creating a symphony of emotions note by note. 

Don't forget to check out Bsukmet's newest work on Soundcloud:

Hoot! See you at the show.
Owl & CK