HellSchwarz - a slight hint of... Gothic

"HellSchwarz" (meaning about "light black") is the name of a radio show established some years ago, running around several radio stations in Germany. Moderator Jhary (often using an alter ego name of "Sascha") presents new and old gothic songs from the genres of medieval, goth rock, NDH (Neue Deutsche Härte, New German Hardship) up to synthpop, EBM (electronic body music) or industrial songs.

The HellSchwarz Radio station is the virtual expansion of the working desk of Jhary in SL and people are very welcome to come over while shows for SecondRadio.de  (a DAB+-show from Saxony) or Oldenburg Eins (a town-based VHF radio station) (or any other station...) are being broadcasted.

Hellschwarz Radio is located inworld within the .: FineArt & Music :. Area, 
near the TTLF (Trip The Light Fantastic) Underground Dance Club & HeArt & Soul Gallery at Durdane.

Find us online: Facebook  //  Flickr