Opening Party: Portraits of the Gods - Exhibition by Pagan Lane


There are many gods. Some believe in the Christian God, some are fond of Hinduism, some believe in the old gods of antiquity or norse mythology. And some do not believe in gods in the original sense at all.

We are happy to announce, that Pagan Lane will be exhibiting his paintings interpreting the various gods mentioned in mythology at
LiThO - the tiny Art(ist) Café in June and July.

The opening party will take place on
Sunday, June 9th at 12pm SLT with LiTo DJ Team.

Pagan describes his artworks as follows:
"Weaving digital practices with mythological themes, I manifest a vision of a modern portrait made divine."

We are proud to welcome Pagan and look forward to you
celebrating his work with us.

Pagan , Tom & Lizzy looking forward to see you around! ♥

"Litho - The tiny Art(ist) Café" is a cozy little spot in the middle of the Corsica South Coaster community, surrounded by art and culture.