LiThO - The tiny art(ist) Café

Welcome! Have a seat and take a coffee and cake, enjoy awesome artworks of several, international artists or just relax with your friends. Its part of the .: FineArt & Music :. Locations at Durdane and located next to =little Whiskeria=.

Artwork exhibitions and artists change regularly, so don't forget to stop by again!

LiThO is an adaption of the owner and founder names of this place (Lizzy & Tom) and the wording Lithography, which stands for the oldest flat printing process and was invented in 1798 by the German Alois Senefelder. It was one of the most widely used printing techniques for colored printed matter in the 19th century. Artists such as Francisco de Goya, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso were also fascinated by the technical possibilities. Joan Miró also proved to be a sovereign master of lithographic techniques.

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