The last Thursday of the Month is today so our next theme party is here!

Summer Nights and Lights is all about the warmth and sultriness of a hot Summer Night. And a good party at night has a lot of lights!

For the best experience to celebrate this party with us you can turn your environment settings into night.(Shared Environment is also set at midnight)

Feast your eyes on the colourful surroundings especially created for the party and we hope you'll dress up for it too (not demanded, just appreciated)

As always there will be a prize for the winner of the one best dressed in theme (Organizers excluded).

Think Summer night, (neon) lights, party vibes, twinkling stars for your inspiration

DJ Anna will play us songs to fit the sultry mood.

Hope to see you there!

New Artists @ Cloud Galleries - Ascend to the high heavens!


Cloud Galleries

Step into a world where dreams are painted, emotions are immortalized, and imagination knows no bounds.

Artists to see include:

Asia Connell

Michiel Bechir

Lizzy Swordhain

Suzen Juel

Kayly Iali

Kiôm (Guitou91 Aabye)

StarZ McCullough

Stephen Venkman

Owl Dragonash

❤️ .❤️ .❤️ .

DO come visit us!

August brings us a new guest artist keep your eye on our notices!

 =little Whiskeria=

exclusively presents:

live & unplugged

every 2nd Friday - starting at 11am SLT
next date: July 28! 
Bring your friends, sit down and relax while Aminius sings and entertains with his lovely voice
Funny aftertalks guaranteed! SL Voice recommended 😏