LLUIS INDIGO Live @ CTC Tea Garden August 31


Corsica South Coasters are very Happy to have Lluis Indigo.

11 am Wednesday, August 31
"This Spanish musician is talented.... whether he's chilled or groovin" or "intense and focused." 
Lluis brings artistry to his music that remains in your head long after his set is finished. 
Come join us for a wild time!

Corsica South Coasters is represented at NatureCon 2022

The GlastonBelli Redwood Forest Park Installation is one of the larger builds as part of NatureCon 2022.  There is no GlastonBelli Social SL group, but instead, we have a group inviter for CSC inside the build.

Icecremn Merlin Live @ CTC Tea Garden August 17 at 11 am


JoIn us for some great Music!

Tune in Turn On Take the ride
Ice (Icecremn Merlin) shares his years of talented songwriting, guitar playing and singing. His songs have a ballad style story teller to them very relatable and heartfelt. 
Between his beauty and his talented songmanship you just may lose your heart.
Born and raised in Texas, this now California musician is back in Second Life ready to share more of his unique style and original versions. Share in this ice smoothness.
Come dance in Our Tea Garden and listen to some great Music!
Check out Ice's sound here

Exhibition Vanessa Jane @ NovaOwl

Join us in welcoming Vanessa Jane to the NovaOwl Sky Gallery!
On Sunday 14 August at 12 pm SLT (21:00 CEST) we will launch
the exhibition with a party with DJ Uli.

Come along and see what this talented artist has to show us.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Owl & Uli

The Corsica South Coasters Community

For today we have a few notes for our CSC residents:

We have a Discord server for organising the CSC community.
You are very welcome to join!

We want to give our CSC residents even more opportunities to participate in our new community. For this purpose, we are giving everyone who is a resident the role of "CSC Resident". With this role you can send a group notice for your own event in our inworld group. Contact Uli Jansma or Owl for the role.

We also offer you the possibility to add your location to the CSC Destination Guide on the CSC website. Contact Uli for more information.

ALSUND live Wednesday at 11am - CTC Tea Garden

 ALSUND  - This damn fine talented musician has been playing awhile 
(since the 70's actually) and is damn good! 

Totally Owl approved! 
Real Music for Real folks ... in a virtual world and 100 % Live.

So glad this talent found his way to Second Life!!
Hope you can join us!