TTFL - Underground Danceclub

The "Trip The Light Fantastic" - Underground Club (in short TTLF) is a new Location within the Corsica South Coasters community in Second Life. It’s located next to the "heArt&Soul"-Gallery on Durdane wich will open in November.

To "trip the light fantastic" is to dance nimbly or lightly to music. The origin of the phrase is attributed to John Milton. In Milton's use the word "trip" is to "dance nimbly" and "fantastic" suggests "extremely fancy". "Light fantastic" refers to the word toe, and "toe" refers to a dancer's "footwork". "Toe" has since disappeared from the idiom, which then becomes: "trip the light fantastic".

The "TTLF" is open every Saturday from 12pm SLT only and provides a variety of different (electronic) music styles and up to 3 DJs. Now and then concerts will be provided too, with a focus on highly individual Artists. The style of the location itself is reduced, elegant and focussed on music and light. A gallery-room with a permanent art installation by Terra Merhyem & Rage Darkstone is next to the main hall and always open to visit and explore.

Come and take a look by yourself, join the parties and loose your mind. If you want to stay in the loop about events and news, join our inworld group, the discord server or follow the Facebook page.