Opening Party "a World in Common" by Moonsoul Kiyori at LiThO - the tiny Art(ist) Café

Dear friends, Halloween Season is over, the LiThO Café is going back to normal while we slowly welcome winter season. Also the new November & December exhibition called "a world in common" is waiting for you!

We  ♥-ily invite you to the opening party of Moonsoul Kiyori!

Sunday, Nov, 12th starting at 12pm SLT
Music by: LiTo DJ-Team

Join the Facebook Event HERE!

Moonsoul is a professional sim builder and designer with her own firm Ammos Homes. Photography is her recently acquired passion and hobby. She expresses herself and her emotions through visual art and she has taken part in several exhibits in Second Life. Her focus is to make us see the Second Life world through her eyes. She centers her photos in landscapes and uses intense shadows, monochrome tones and contrasts. She is passionate about her work and her motto is “Always keep learning”. You can enjoy her Flickr here: Moonsoul

Please find a few personal words of the artist itself about her art:

"It gives me immense pleasure to share with you a collection of photographs that embody my vision, experiences, and reflections. As you walk through Litho gallery, you will witness moments frozen in time, narratives with light and shadow, and emotions that transcend the creativity of Second Life. Each image represents a chapter of my journey in this virtual world. My aim was to evoke a sense of connection and empathy, to invite you to pause, reflect, and perhaps see the world through a different lens. Every photograph here tells a story, whether it's the vibrant colors or the serene tranquility of a landscape. I hope these images ignite your imagination, stir your emotions, and encourage you to contemplate the intricate tapestry of the virtual experience.

Thank you for gracing this event with your presence."

Moonsoul, Tom & Lizzy looking forward to see you around! Taxi to: LiThO Café

"Litho - The tiny Art(ist) Café" is a cozy little spot in the middle of the Corsica South Coaster community, surrounded by art and culture.