“Reenvisioning The Ancient World “ By Ilyra Chardin @ NovaOwl September 5 at 12 pm.


You're Invited to Ilyra Chardin: 

"Reenvisioning The Ancient World" 

Join us for a captivating journey through time and imagination as we unveil the mesmerizing artistry of Ilyra Chardin in her solo exhibition: “Reenvisioning The Ancient World." Immerse yourself in a fusion of ancient mystique and modern innovation, as Ilyra masterfully reinterprets history through her beautiful Art.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the convergence of history and innovation, as Ilyra Chardin's art transports you through time and imagination. 

We look forward to your presence at the opening reception on September 5th at 12:00 PM, hosted at Novaowl Art Gallery.

~ Uli Jansma & Owl Dragonash