Exhibition Opening "Peace is..." by Lotus Li


Dear friends,

The first buds are slowly sprouting from the ground, the days are getting longer, brighter and warmer. Spring is just around the corner! More sun, more warmth, more "being outside", more "good mood moments" - all this can inspire us and give us inner peace.
Lotus has captured some of these moments - and captured them on canvas and we are very proud to be able to exhibit them at LiThO!
We ♥-ly invite you to the opening party of Lotus Li's exhibition "Peace is..."!

Sunday, March 10th, 11am - 1pm SLT (20:00 - 22:00 CET)
LiTo DJ Team will provide the opening with an appropriate selection of music.

Here are a few personal words from the artist herself about her exhibition:

"PEACE IS - A moment in time that connects you to the spirit of peace.
A feeling of joy or awe, something that evokes a breath that rejuvenates you and gives you a sense of freedom of stress even for a brief moment.
In our current climate there is an over abundance of heavy overbearing strain that lingers and grows, conflict and hate have overrun so many corners of our existence it is hard to remember to not only look for but remember those moments of peace that drop by drop keep our souls turned to hope and love.
I invite you to take time to think about those moments that give you some peace, are they in nature? a good book? social? Please feel free to share what gives you peace with me it is such a lovely way to get to know people.
Let's Bring out those hidden lights of hope that give us a calming wash of peace."

Lotus, Tom & Lizzy looking forward to see you around! ♥
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