BUSKMET Performing LIVE October 11 at 11am CTC Tea Garden!

✨Join us on October 11 at 11am as we present the mesmerizing Bsukmet LIVE in concert! 

🎶 From his early days with the Madrid gothic pop rock band Evil Thoughts, where he took on the roles of keyboardist and lead songwriter, to now being a composer, piano virtuoso, band musician, and even a Music Teacher - his journey is extraordinary! 🎹🤘

🎼 In 2006, he joined Evil Thoughts and co-wrote two incredible albums, with the second being entirely his masterpiece. But that's not all! 

Currently, Bsukmet is pushing the boundaries of his creativity, experimenting with styles beyond his comfort zone, using ONLY free resources, and avoiding the easy route of samples (except for a few sound effects or voices). Each note is meticulously crafted with love and passion! 🎶