LoopMan Blep LIVE - sound, culture, and musical artistry @ Cloud Galleries

A Musical Journey with LoopMan Blep! 


🎹 Join us at Cloud Galleries as we celebrate the talents of this incredible Brazilian musician.

📅 Date: September 12⏰ Time: 11:00 AM <—Second Life time


From his heart to your ears, LoopMan is a true maestro of melodies. A multi-talented artist, he wears the hats of a Vocalist, Guitarist, and Keyboardist, all with remarkable finesse and passion.

🎸 With an electric guitar in hand and a touch of Keyboard, Bass, and Drums, LoopMan Blep's musical journey has spanned over 14 RL years. He's danced to the rhythm of Reggae in various bands. He's also a skilled producer, crafting his own soulful tunes and collaborating with friends to bring musical magic to life.

🎶 His repertoire is a treasure trove of musical legends. From the iconic vibes of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to the soul-stirring sounds of John Legend and Sting, LoopMan effortlessly weaves his musical influences into his performances. And that's just the beginning – expect a sonic exploration that includes Alpha Blondy, Inner Circle, Steel Pulse, Magic, Musical Youth, The Fugees, UB40, Ken Boothe, and a whole lot more.

Join us for a celebration of sound, culture, and musical artistry as LoopMan Blep takes the stage at Cloud Galleries.

🎵Let the rhythms of Brazil and the world serenade your senses and uplift your spirit. 
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