DD (Deceptions Digital) LIVE at Cloud Galleries! September 19 at 11 am


🎶 Join us for an unforgettable musical experience with DD (Deceptions Digital) LIVE at Cloud Galleries!

💫🎶 Since 2012, DD has been crafting music that transcends boundaries, merging genres and mood to create a musical symphony of colors and emotions. 

With a profound understanding of sound and a knack for turning moments into art, DD's music is a true reflection of pure psychological automatism.

September 19 - 11 am <— Second Life time


🎤 Artist Bio:
"DD - Since 2012 I make music for and in SL. I am autodidact and see sounds as colors to paint music. I mix styles from ambient to techno and use field recordings to make a landscape in sounds. I am not a DJ and when I make a new set I have no construct or plan, it all comes from the mood and moment, it’s a pure psychological automatism.”

✨Whether you're a seasoned music enthusiast or someone looking for a unique auditory adventure, DD's live performance promises to be an experience not to miss.