Attention all photography enthusiasts and nature lovers

 💜 We are happy to announce the Corsica South Coasters Photo Contest happening this week!  June 6 - 13

Prepare your photo skills and get ready to capture the breathtaking beauty of Corsica's South Coasters or your personal favorite spot in this beautiful community.

This contest is your chance to showcase your talent and share your unique perspective with our community. Whether you're drawn to the pristine coastal landscapes, the charming builds, or the vibrant local culture, we want to see it all. 

Let your creativity flow and immortalize the essence of Corsica's South Coasters through your lens.

 🌸 To participate, tag your entry with #CSCphotocontest and submit it on our Flickr page by June 13.

 The winning photographs will be proudly exhibited at our exclusive SL20B plot, Corsica South Coasters Nature Music and Art. 

This exhibition will be a celebration of our community's talent and an opportunity to inspire others with the beauty of Corsica's South Coasters.

AGAIN  - Tag your entry with #CSCphotocontest and submit it on our Flickr page before June 13. 

We eagerly await your submissions and can't wait to see the world through your lens!