Exhibition "Ordinary thoughts...?" by Lizzy Swordthain

running May 15-21 @ CK's guest gallery

This is my first themed exhibition and I would love to see you around! ♥

Art Party on May 17, 12pm SLT 
I will be playing some sensual tunes for you! 
Dresscode: dress naughty, dress nice - just be YOU! 


From the exhibit notecard:

Why "Ordinary Thoughts...?"?

Well, my first title was: "Ordinary thoughts of an ordinary girl" - I shared it with some friends and almost all of them came back like: "Oh, darling. You are everything else, but not ordinary!" 

I don't see myself as special. I am just the "girl next door". *shrugs*
But I love my friends who believe I am! hugs ♥ 
So I tried another title for a while: "(un)ordinary thoughts of an (un)ordinary girl". But that didn't fit for me as well. 

At the end it's just and simple: "Ordinary thoughts...?"
So - decide by yourself! Ordinary? Or not? 😉

My pictures do not follow a certain concept. 
In Second Life I photograph, what inspires me, what touches my heart and I try to let my feelings, moods and my soul flow into the picture. 
For this exhibit I chose some special ones, which may transfer my thoughts and feelings in that moment best.