Corsica South Coasters is a mainland community within Second Life.

Hey there, fellow adventurers!
Welcome to Corsica South Coasters – where creativity flows like the best cup of coffee in a bustling 24-hour diner, art is practically our middle name, and our love for music is louder than a rock concert in a library (well, a virtual library, that is!). 🎢


🌟 Come join our lively mainland community in Second Life, where every day is an artful, musical, and endlessly creative adventure!

We're not your average virtual cul-de-sac! We're more like a bunch of digital nature ninjas assembling to create a natural area of awesomeness for all you fabulous folks out there. 🌳

Finding us is as easy as following a trail of glitter (virtually, of course).

Inside Second Life you can find us here:
CSC Inworld Location
CSC Inworld Group

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We're practically your new virtual BFFs. πŸ’œ

Map of Circuit-La-Corse on Corsica


Picture this: You, cruising through our neighborhood on a virtual llama (or whatever floats your boat), with the wind (well, pixels) in your hair, exploring the wonders of Linden Road and Waterways to the Blake Sea and beyond!

 Oh yeah, we've got your GPS set to "epic adventure"! πŸš€

Port Emyniad photo by Owl

Where to start:

Circuit La Corse Linden Road is at the heart of our area, offering various starting points for your tour. You can visit by teleporting, flying, boating, or driving.

✈️ By Air 

 Corsica South Coasters Airfield

⛵︎ By Boat:




🚘 Road:

Corsica Tourist Center

Glastonbelli road

Along the right side of this website is a destination guide with more info about our many locations.


We're not just a bunch of digital hermits. 

Nope, we're always on the move. 

We are a travel destination. We host art exhibitions that'll make you question your artistic abilities, music events that'll have you dancing in your virtual socks, and fishing contests that... well, let's say they're pretty fishy. 🐠🐟🐑

At CSC, 'party' is not just a noun; it's a verb, an action, and a lifestyle!

Keep a vigilant eye on our Event calendar for upcoming events that promise more fun than a barrel of digital monkeys, or better yet, join our lively group of digital adventurers who know how to have a blast!

NovaOwl Fishing by Step5_iceberg 

Live or work with us:

And guess what? You're not just a spectator in this grand spectacle of fun – you can dive right into the action! We have rentals and land for sale that'll make your virtual real estate dreams come true. 🏑

For those looking to rent or buy land in the area, check the board at the Corsica Tourist Center. for available options. Looking for an art gallery to exhibit your work? We have those, too.

CSC where Ideas come to life:

We've got your back if you've got an idea for an event wackier than a pixelated unicorn. We're like the event-making wizards of Second Life – together, we can turn your wildest virtual dreams into a reality.

Collaborate with us:

Corsica South Coasters is proud to collaborate with numerous art groups and projects like 

Mainland Community AllianceDrivers of SL, Leeward Cruising Club (LCC), Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy, Mainland Tour project, The Nature Collective, and DR Ferry Services make us a central hub for exploring Mainland wonders.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Swing by, introduce yourself, and get ready for a digital rollercoaster ride through our incredible virtual wonderland. 

Corsica South Coasters isn't just a community; it's where the fun begins. See you in the pixelated paradise! πŸš€πŸŽΆπŸŒŸπŸ•ΊπŸŽ¨

Video by Cranston Yordstorm

"Just when you think GlastonBelli couldn't get anything more, there's a dragon flying among the treetops of the redwood forest. Come fly like a dragon through the majestic redwood canopy at The GlastonBelli Redwood Forest Park!!! Check out our newest addition, The Draco Coaster!"!